Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

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Juvenile Bald Eagle

If you don’t mind driving along a bumpy unpaved road this is one of the best local preserves in Central Florida.  The road is one way only and about 11 miles with plenty of carved out spots to pull over.  I have taken this drive probably a hundred times since they opened in the spring of 2015.   Open from sun up to sun down on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and a few federal holidays the scenery is incredible.  Plan on spending a few hours exploring – this isn’t a drive like any other.  The speed limit is 10 mph so at that pace count on at least an hour if all you want to do is drive.  There are plenty of places to stop the car and get out of the car and walk.  On occasion some folks are either in a hurry or didn’t realize quite how long this adventure could take.  I have had a few people ride on my bumper so I try to pull over and let them pass.  The code here I think is courtesy and patience.

At the entrance to the drive you will find a billboard with some helpful information and a map.  Also there are some other pamphlets and possible a bird check list.

035 apopka sign


I try and make a trip out to the drive at least one day out of the three and plan to continue with updates so stop back by for more photos and antics on the trail.  I am a wee bit rusty because it’s many years since I authored a blog Cooking’s Good (still up and running just no new recipes)  so bare with me, this will become a lot more fun!!

Feel free to leave a comment and add some of your adventures on LAWD.



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